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“I have built one other house and in comparison to that build, my experience with Clearwater Builders was a  night and day difference. Tucker, Tony, Matt and Kristen could not have been more helpful in building a house  for me that exceeded my expectations. Clearwater Builders was honest, dependable, responsible and clearly looking out for my best interest throughout the build. Clearwater Builders was incredibly knowledgeable about every step of the building process and provided me with multiple options every step of the way, a process made incredibly transparent and easy to follow using the co-construct website. I actually came in about $10,000 under budget and this was in large part to to CWB’s providing me with so many options.  Imagine that, saving me money resulting in them making less…that really doesn’t happen in this day and age. Their quality of work is outstanding as well as was their follow up with any ongoing issues or post build work orders. I couldn’t have imagined a more stress free build and feel fortunate to have been introduced to this group of quality  individuals. I highly recommend Clearwater Builders without reservation.